Ways to look at collaboration…

I’ve been on a hunt for video material that would cover some of the course content of our Social Learning Technologies course – thinking that yes, I could read articles, but in terms of my prior learning that is not a new tool. Surely I thought there would be video material that would stimulate my thinking and my practice. Well, some time later I don’t have a lot to show for the time but there were some interesting student comments and reflections on Web 2.0 such as this one

perhaps a bit staged, but it reminded me of the power of consulting students about their observations on uses of technology by their teachers, themselves and their classmates.

Then there was this animated presentation. I liked the way this got political and suggested it might be helpful to stop thinking in terms of fitting students into a mould. If we keep going down the collaboration track will the whole system gradually change? I kept thinking of Ivan Ilich’s book DeSchooling Society and Postman and Weingartner Teaching as a Subversive Activity. We talk about the speed of change in relation to technology, but in terms of our systems change is mighty slow. We’re till trying to do new things in old ways.


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